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Let’s Explore Oor Richts

Let’s Explore Oor Richts, our new illustrated book in Scots on human rights for very young children. The book was published earlier this year and we are delighted that we now have a Scots edition. All children should be able to access information about their rights in their own language and this book will help teachers to have those first conversations – in Scots – about human rights with young children. 

Five cartoon children hold up a banner with the name of the book written in gaelic.

Coimhead air ar Còraichean (Let’s Explore Our Rights)

The book, beautifully illustrated by Corinna Campbell and available in both Gaelic and English, takes young children on a journey to discover rights such as having a safe home, the right to be healthy, to learn, and to play. An audio and video version of the book has been recorded by Mirabelle, a 10-year-old pupil from Bun-sgoil Taobh na Pàirce P6. She mentioned that it was fun to read the book and appreciated that it is available in both Gaelic and English. Commissioner Nicola Killean emphasized that “Let’s Explore Our Rights” explains to very young children the importance of rights in a way they can understand.

‘Sometimes I feel like I am in prison’: Placing Children in Hotel-Type Accommodation.

This report highlights the troubling use of hotel-type accommodations for children in asylum and homelessness systems, in conflict with established human rights principles. Such environments can pose severe risks and long-term harm to children’s well-being and rights. Unfortunately, the practice persists due to legal and systemic pressures. This report aims to aid decision-makers and frontline practitioners by providing a comprehensive human rights framework and evidence-based insights to reduce the reliance on such accommodations and mitigate their negative impact.

We also have a short report for children and young people.

Let’s explore our rights

Let’s Explore Our Rights” teaches young children about their human rights. The book which features iconic Scots landmarks is aimed at children aged up to five. It was beautifully illustrated by Corinna Campbell and takes readers on a journey to discover rights like having a safe home, being healthy, learning, and playing. The book will support early years practitioners to spark first conversations about human rights with very young children.

The book was created in response to requests from early years pract

Text with lock in a cell

Know your rights when entering custody

October 2021. If you are under 18 in custody, you still have human rights. No matter what you have done or who you are, you have the right to be

Cover for our UNCRC Symbols Cards.

UNCRC Symbols Cards

November 2016. We’ve worked with other Commissioner’s offices to produce a simplified version of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). It communicates the first 42 articles of the UNCRC using symbols and easy to read language.

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