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The cover of our Children's Human Rights Defenders toolkit.

Children as Human Rights Defenders Toolkit

December 2019

We made this toolkit in partnership with Children’s Parliament. It’s a resource for adults all over the world who work with children and young people.

It explains the work we’ve done around child human rights defenders and contains practical activities that will let you carry out a project of your own.

Cover of our easy to understand version of the UN Declaration on Human Rights Defenders.

UN Declaration on Human Rights Defenders (Child Friendly Version)

April 2019

The Declaration on Human Rights Defenders applies to everyone who promotes and protects human rights, but it’s not written in language everyone can understand. This is a simplified version that’s intended to make it clearer.

Front cover of our UNCRC red pocketbook.

UNCRC Pocketbook

February 2020 An A6 glossy pocketbook containing the full text of the UNCRC, a full list of general comments on the UNCRC and a partial list of other international instruments of relevance to the human rights of children and young people.

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