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The Commissioner’s team of fierce champions help carry out their work to promote and protect the rights of children and young people.

We’re guided by the views and experiences of over 40 young advisers, and you can find out about them on our young advisers page.

Participation Officer Cathy Begley.

Staff  / Strategy

Cathy Begley

Participation Officer

Cathy is our Participation Officer, who works to make sure we're involving children and young people in everything we do.

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Learning at home with the Commissioner: Activity 2
Learning at home with the Commissioner
Legal Officer for Investigation and Strategic Litigation, Maria Galli.

Staff  / Advice and Investigations

Maria Galli

Legal Officer (Investigation and Strategic Litigation)

Maria is our Legal Officer for investigations, and also works to see how we can get involved in legal cases to improve the rights of children and young people.

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Louise Baillie, Media and Communications Officer

Staff  / Communications

Louise Baillie

Media and Communications Officer

Louise works to influence meaningful change by communicating children's human rights to a wide range of audiences.

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Policy Officer Megan Farr.

Staff  / Strategy

Megan Farr

Policy Officer

Megan is our Policy Officer, who influences the Scottish Government to make sure our laws respect the human rights of children and young people.

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Staff  / Corporate Services

Judith Chisholm

Executive Assistant

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Information Officer Gillian Munro.

Staff  / Strategy

Gillian Munro

Information Officer

Gillian is our Information Officer. She's responsible for the Commissioner's archives and for making sure we're keeping to our duties around freedom of information.

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Helen Griffiths, Policy and Engagement Officer

Staff  / Strategy

Helen Griffiths

Policy and Engagement Officer

Helen works in Scotland and internationally to develop our human rights positions and to let the world know why they matter.

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Advice and Investigations Officer Linda Ellis Macdonald.

Staff  / Advice and Investigations

Linda Ellis Macdonald

Advice and Investigations Officer

Linda is our Advice Officer. She's in charge of our advice line and of our services giving human rights advice to children, young people and adults.

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Blog: Children deprived of their liberty and alternatives to detention— my experience of the European Forum on the Rights of the Child
Our Head of Corporate Services, Nicola Vallance-Ross.

Staff  / Corporate Services

Nicola Vallance-Ross

Head of Corporate Services

Nicola is in charge of Corporate Services, who manage the Commissioner's finances and keep their office running smoothly.

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An image of our Head of Communications Ezmie McCutcheon..

Staff  / Communications

Ezmie McCutcheon

Head of Communications

Ezmie manages all the Commissioner's communications so people of all ages can know about the work they do and about children's human rights.

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Scottish equality and human rights bodies welcome inquiry into implications of Covid-19
Release of our new Strategic Plan
Finance and Administration Assistant Nicola Harris..

Staff  / Corporate Services

Nicola Harris

Finance and Administration Assistant

Nicola works to keep our office running smoothly by helping us all with our day to day tasks when these become too enormous.

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