Young advisers

Our young advisers

We have over 40 young advisers from all across Scotland, 14-17-year-old human rights defenders who work in three different groups:

They also work with us to communicate about the human rights issues that matter to them.

ENYA 2021 group

ENYA exists to give young people the opportunity to be heard at a European level, and we’ve helped young people in Scotland to be involved in it for a number of years.

Each year ENYA focuses on a different topic of real relevance to children and young people. In 2021, it’s COVID-19: learning for the future, so Scotland’s ENYA group worked together to explore and talk about how COVID-19 impacts on the lives of children and their rights.

Mental Health group

The Commissioner’s office has assembled a team of Young Investigators to inform and lead a new investigation into children and young people’s mental health. They will work together to explore and talk about the issue of mental health, the impact of Covid-19 on children and young people’s mental health and how this impacts their rights. They are working with the Commissioner’s Advice & Investigations and Strategy teams to explore issues around children and young people’s mental health and the services that are provided.

You can find out more about this investigation by clicking the button below.

Governance group

Our Governance group will be involved in decisions around what the Commissioner and their office does: how we spend our money, how we decide what work we should do and who we hire to work for us.

Get in touch

You can contact us if you want to get involved with what we’re doing. We’re not looking for more young advisers at the moment, but there are still ways in which you can make your experiences heard. You might want to make us a video about a human rights issue that matters to you, or tell us about a way our work could be better.

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