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Letter to Ofgem: the severe impact of its decisions on children

Letter to Jonathan Brearley, Chief Executive of the Office of Gas and Electricity Markets (Ofgem) raising concerns for children in relation to important recent decisions made by Ofgem. Ofgem has allowed three companies (EDF, Octopus and Scottish Power) to restart force-fitting pre-payment meters, and that from January 2024 the energy price cap would be raised allowing energy companies to charge more per unit of energy.

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Joint Letter: Statutory Framework on Restraint and Seclusion

We have joined together with the Equality and Human Rights Commission, the Scottish Human Rights Commission, the Mental Welfare Commission, and the Promise Scotland, to call for a holistic, human rights based statutory guidance on restraint. This must be based on a consistent legal framework that applies to all situations where children are in the care of the State, including schools, residential and secure care, and mental health provision.

Letter to Ofgem from Children and Young People's Commissioner Scotland

Letter to Ofgem: calling for a ban on energy companies compulsory installations of pre-payment meters

Scotland’s Children’s Commissioner Bruce Adamson’s letter to the regulator Ofgem, urging it to ban energy companies from all compulsory installations of pre-payment meters, a practice that leaves struggling families at severe risk of energy disconnection.  

The Commissioner expressed his grave concern that energy companies are still not effectively identifying vulnerable individuals to provide them, and any dependent children with the support that they desperately need.  

The Commissioner points to the increased risks to children’s right to life, health and development by the energy companies’ decisions and lack of effective identification, calling on Ofgem to urgently “take a more active regulatory approach, rather than a watching brief”.

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Letter to Ofgem: impact of rising energy price cap on children

22 August 2022 Commissioner’s letter to Ofgem’s Chief Executive, Jonathan Brearley, to question the regulator’s decision to raise the energy price cap without properly considering the impact on children in

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Letter to the Prime Minister – Invasion of Ukraine

The Children and Young People’s Commissioner Scotland, together with the Children’s Commissioner England, the Northern Ireland Commissioner for Children and Young People and the Children’s Commissioner for Wales has written

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Letter to Cabinet Secretary: SQA 2020 Appeals Models

Commissioner’s letter to Cabinet Secretary requesting that children and young people from the 2020 cohort who remain disadvantaged by decisions made by the SQA the Scottish Government, to appeal directly

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Letter from Police Scotland: Human Rights and COP-26

Letter from ACC Bernard Higgins, Police Scotland, Gold Commander for COP-26, outlining Police Scotland’s commitment to and provision for ensuring that children’s human rights are protected during peaceful protests at

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Letter to Police Scotland: Human Rights and COP-26

Commissioner’s letter to ACC Bernard Higgins, Police Scotland, Gold Commander for COP-26 urging that children and young people’s human rights be respected, protected and fulfilled in the policing of peaceful protests

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