Statement: Impact of Covid-19 on Disabled Children

In a statement, Gina Wilson, Head of Strategy for the Children and Young People’s Commissioner Scotland, said:

“The Covid-19 pandemic has been a human rights crisis affecting all children, but disabled children have been disproportionately affected by the public health restrictions. During the pandemic, services that supported children and their families including respite care were reduced or withdrawn altogether. Many children with complex needs receive much needed therapies at their school and were unable to do so due to school closures. For children with the most complex needs school often provides an important respite to parents, carers and siblings who during periods of lockdown have been caring for their disabled children on a full-time basis with limited support. As we move out of the pandemic the human rights of disabled children must be a key part of the recovery with services and care resumed as quickly as possible.  

Last month Scotland made a significant step towards fully protecting disabled children’s rights by passing the UNCRC Incorporation Bill which will give children and their families the power to hold the government to account when their rights are not met. As Scotland recovers from the impact of the pandemic it is even more important that this law is passed swiftly to help children realise their rights.”

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