Helping us work for you: Young advisors lay our revised Strategic Plan

The Young Advisors who helped us create our revised Strategic Plan have helped lay it at the Scottish Parliament today.

The revised plan, which is now in effect, sets out what the Commissioner and his office aims to do over the next two years.

To create the plan we listened to the views of children and young people across Scotland, both in person and through online and offline surveys.

They told us that the Commissioner should stand up for children’s rights; should have big ears for listening and a good heart.

And they helped us understand how we can build a culture of children’s human rights in Scotland with these rights at the centre of laws, policies and practice— and how the Commissioner can make a difference in their lives.

Learn more about our revised plan.

Creating the plan

Our Young Advisers played a huge part in helping create our revised strategic plan. This film features them explaining how and why the plan was revised, and why they think it was important to be involved with.

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Our Young Advisors

We’re really grateful for everything our Young Advisors have done to help with our revised Plan.

They’ve given us lots of advice around how we communicate, how we evaluate what children and young people told us and how our Human Rights Gathering in November could be the best it could be.

We’re sure you’ll keep in touch! But regardless of that, we hope you go on to do some amazing things.

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