Strategic Plan 2018-20

The mission of the Children and Young People's Commissioner is to be a fierce champion for the rights of all children and young people in Scotland.

His revised Strategic Plan lays out the steps he and his office will take to achieve this between 2018 and 2020.

And it lays out the values that will underpin our office throughout: of bravery, independence, participation, respect and leadership.

Read our revised Strategic Plan.

A cartoon of a shield illustrating our core values.

Our aims

We talked to children and young people all over Scotland to determine what they wanted our office to be and do.

Talking to them helped us settle on these three aims for the next three years:

To be a successful Children and Young People's Commissioner who makes a difference to the lives of children and young people

We'll make sure that children and young people's views are at the heart of what we do.

But we'll also aim to be seen as trusted experts on children's human rights— supporting them to develop in Scotland and connecting our country's work to the rest of the world.

To establish a culture of children's human rights

We'll work to make sure children, young people and adults know and understand the human rights of children.

And we'll work to make sure people in power keep their promises around these rights.

The culture of children's human rights we'll aim to create isn't just one where people can list what these rights are.

It's one where children and young people can use their understanding of rights to demand change, and where adults make better decisions as a result of their understanding of rights.

To make sure that children's human rights are at the centre of laws, policies and practice

We'll make sure the Scottish and UK Governments keep the promises they made to children when they signed up to international human rights laws, and hold them to account internationally if they don't

We'll use the domestic laws in force here in Scotland to make changes to young people's live, and argue to make international human rights laws part of Scots law.

And we'll investigate issues affecting children's rights and take action, including through the courts.

Creating the revised Strategic Plan

A team of Young Advisers were involved in creating our revised Strategic Plan, and are part of this film explaining how and why we made it.

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