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Your Rights, Our Plan

It’s World Children’s Day and we’re asking YOU to speak up about important issues to shape our work.  

Children’s Commissioner Nicola Killean hosted two special online assemblies today and launched a new resource called Your Rights, Our Plan to help children answer six questions about our work. 

She was joined by P6 pupil Mirabelle for the primary assembly, and Rennie, 16, to co-host the secondary assembly. More than 7,000 children and young people from all over Scotland joined the Commissioner and e-Sgoil – an online teaching and learning platform – to share their views and discover rights. 

Commissioner Nicola must plan what big issues we will focus on over the next four years to promote and protect children’s rights – and this plan must have children’s ideas, opinions, and experiences at the heart of it. 

Here’s how to get involved… 

Groups of children – for example, a class, youth group, sports club, Scouts, or Guides – can fill in our survey’s six questions with an adult.  

Our resource contains videos, PowerPoints, and activities to help adults support discussions. It’s also packed with creative tasks to spark ideas and chat about children’s rights, like making pictures, songs, playing with Lego, or designing human rights defenders’ shields. 

The deadline for responses is Monday, 29 January, 2024, and we will take our new Strategic Plan to the Scottish Parliament in April 2024. 

Get Involved: Your Rights, Our Plan

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