Your Rights, Our Plan

Get involved: Help us plan for the future

We’re asking children and young people to help shape our plans over the next four years.

We’ve launched a resource pack called ‘Your Rights, Our Plan’ to help adults support groups of children or young people to think about, discuss and answer six questions about what issues are most important and how our office should work.

Your Rights, Our Plan contains videos, Powerpoints, and activities to help adults support discussions. It has printable follow on creative tasks to spark ideas and further chat about children’s rights. 

Children and Young People’s Commissioner Scotland Nicola Killean must make a four-year Strategic Plan to outline what issues the office will focus on. 

This resource pack helps adults support children and young people to ensure that their ideas, opinions, and experiences at the heart of it. 

We will also be travelling across Scotland to work with children and young people face-to-face, paying particular attention to groups whose rights are most at risk.

The deadline for responses is Monday 29 January, 2024.

Children and young people care a lot about all aspects of their lives. Based on our work, we found that the priority issues children and young people in Scotland are most concerned about are:   

  • Education  
  • Mental Health  
  • Poverty  
  • Discrimination  
  • Climate Change  

We want to know if these are the issues children and young people are still most concerned about. We’re asking if there are any other important issues children and young people in Scotland are most concerned about right now, and what they think will become more of a concern in the future. We also ask what skills make a good Children’s Commissioner and which of their powers they should focus on using. Children and young people can also share what they would work on, if they were Commissioner for the day.  

Smart Survey feedback form


Resource pack download


PowerPoint (simpler version)

Involving children and young people (video)

Listen to our Young Advisors share their experiences working with us and the significance of children and young people in Scotland getting involved.

Our powers and functions (video)

A scales of justice made up of basic shapes.

Listen to short explainers about how our office has to work in law so that children and young people can help direct us.

Listen to Nick, our Head of Advice and Investigations explain our legal and investigation powers.

Printable feedback form

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