Secondary school resources

Two young people working at a craft table, while in front of them are flags other young people have made illustrating different human rights they have.

If you’re a secondary school teacher looking for resources for young people around their human rights, we’ve produced a lot of them which can:

  • help young people understand the Commissioner’s role and work in promoting and protecting their rights,
  • help give young people more information about their rights and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) itself,
  • help young people find out about what’s happening to make the rights in the Convention a reality for them here in Scotland.

About the Commissioner

The Commissioner works to promote and protect the human rights of every young person and child across Scotland. They’re independent of Government and Parliament, and their role and powers are set out within Scots law.

Young advisORS

The Commissioner works with over 40 young people who act as young advisors involved with the work of our office.

About young people’s rights

Our website has explanations of the first 42 Articles of the UNCRC written in plain English so they can be easily understood.

More around young people’s human rights

Information on young people’s rights in Scotland

Answering young people’s questions

Young people often have questions around how their human rights work, and sometimes it can be hard to find out the answers.

So we’ve produced a searchable series of FAQs to answer some of the questions we’re most commonly asked.

Our FAQs include:

If young people want to know more about an issue that’s not covered here, you can contact us and we’ll see if we can add it.

Our work explained for young people

Many of the major pieces of work produced by our office have children and young people’s versions to help explain what they’re about and what their findings were.

Every year, we also produce an annual report for children and young people to explain what we’ve been doing. Our report for 2020/21 will be ready soon, and you can read our report for 2019/20 now.

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