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UNCRC Article 39

I have the right to help to get better if I have been hurt or badly treated

Governments should have laws to protect children from harm.

If they are hurt, neglected or badly treated, governments should provide children with special help to help them get better.

Content note: This article discusses violence and abuse.

Article 39 of the UNCRC says children and young people have the right to recover from difficult things that happen to them, and that they can expect to receive the help that allows them to do so. This includes help for survivors of:

  • violence
  • sexual violence
  • neglect
  • exploitation of any kind
  • abuse
  • torture
  • armed conflict
  • trafficking.

What help should be given

Children and young people should be able to recover in an environment that promotes their dignity, health and self-respect. Their views should be taken into account as to the kind of help they receive, and help should be given with their best interests at heart.

There should be no discrimination around who gets help and who doesn’t. Children and young people should be able to get help whoever they are, and wherever they live in Scotland.

If a crime has been committed against a child or young person, they should be protected as part of the help they receive. They should feel safe, and should be safe as well.

Relevant General Comments

The Committee on the Rights of the Child has produced many General Comments that help people understand how the UNCRC works in practice.

Two General Comments that are relevant to Article 39 are:

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