Cover of the children's version of Independent Children's Rights Impact Assessment on the response to Covid-19 in Scotland

Children’s version: Independent Children’s Rights Impact Assessment on the Response to COVID-19 in Scotland

July 2020. This is a report about a children’s rights impact assessment – or CRIA – the Commissioner asked a group of children’s rights experts called the Observatory of Children’s Human Rights Scotland to do.

A CRIA is a way for adults in power for adults to understand how a new idea for a law might make children’s lives better or worse.

During the coronavirus pandemic, the Commissioner – along with many other people – saw that both the UK Government and the Scottish Government had made lots of new laws very quickly to protect people from the virus. But they had not completed CRIAs for many of these new laws to think about what they might do to children’s human rights.

So the Commissioner asked the Observatory to do their own CRIA on all these new laws, to find out what needs to be done now to protect your rights.

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