Text blurbs and content from the Annual Report 2021-2022

Children and Young People’s Annual Report 2021-22

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Every year we report to you about our work in different ways, and this year we made a mini report. 

You can read the full report we sent to Parliament as well.  

Our report is from April 2021 until the end of March 2022, which begins just at the end of the second Covid-19 lockdown, when school buildings were back open. We know what a challenging year this was for all of you, and we continued to make sure that your views and experiences were are at the heart of our work. You will see the work of our Young Advisers throughout the report, and we are grateful that they continue to help us promote and protect children’s and young people’s rights.  

This year we have:  

  • challenged the Scottish Government and SQA on exams, assessments and appeals processes as a result of the pandemic. 
  • fought for your human rights to become part of our law. Having your rights in law means that when they are not respected, you can challenge this in court. 
  • investigated whether councils followed laws when placing children in secure care. Children should only go to secure care – where they aren’t allowed to leave – if there is nowhere else they can get help. Locking children up is very serious, and councils must follow the law.  
  • travelled to meet children and young people in their own communities.  
  • supported children and young people to contribute to important international work, such as recovery from the pandemic and COP-26. 
  • focused on our other priorities of child poverty, mental health and climate justice, all of which come directly from you. 


The children’s and young people’s annual report is available to browse and download below.

Annual Report 2021 – 2022 (Children and young people’s version)

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