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7 Word Story: Rights Matter. You Matter. Don’t Lose Hope.

18.03.2022 We’ve created a printable poster from a 7 Word Story which was written by a child in Scotland in 2019, ‘Rights Matter. You Matter. Don’t Lose Hope.’ It is

7 word story poster that says Freedom from poverty helps all children flourish

Printable ‘7 Word Story’ posters

We want everyone to talk about why children’s rights matter, in a way that means people of all ages can take part. Here are some posters of stories we have

Poyum fur rights.

Poyum fur rights

March 2021. To celebrate children’s rights being written into Scots law we asked Lenniesaurus to write us this special richts poyum, which you can use with our writing rights poems resource as part of a session or workshop.

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