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‘Sometimes I feel like I am in prison’: Placing Children in Hotel-Type Accommodation.

This report highlights the troubling use of hotel-type accommodations for children in asylum and homelessness systems, in conflict with established human rights principles. Such environments can pose severe risks and long-term harm to children’s well-being and rights. Unfortunately, the practice persists due to legal and systemic pressures. This report aims to aid decision-makers and frontline practitioners by providing a comprehensive human rights framework and evidence-based insights to reduce the reliance on such accommodations and mitigate their negative impact.

We also have a short report for children and young people.

Children’s Rights Strategic Litigation Toolkit

We have developed this Strategic Litigation Toolkit to ensure that we use our powers in a way that is consistent with the Commissioner’s role to promote and safeguard children’s rights, and in compliance with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). It will also make sure that we are accountable, transparent and that our decisions are clear and fair.

The toolkit explains the Commissioner’s powers, sets out how we involve children and young people in strategic litigation and the principles that underpin this work. We also share the set of tools we have developed. The tools help us decide which cases we can get involved in as well as provide reasons for those decisions.

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Know your rights when entering custody

October 2021. If you are under 18 in custody, you still have human rights. No matter what you have done or who you are, you have the right to be

Cover for resources on making rights real.

Learning about children’s rights

March 2021. A short resource for adults who work with children and young people to use and adapt in discussions and planned sessions on putting children’s rights in law in Scotland.

There’s also a presentation to support this resource where you’ll find this information and more, as well as a set of slides for you to use.

A cover for translated materials.

7 Golden Rules in Vietnamese

March 2020

Our 7 Golden Rules resource translated into Vietnamese.

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