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SPSO Child Friendly Complaints Principles

We responded to this consultation by the Scottish Public Sector Ombudsman. The proposed principles will form the basis for child friendly complaints processes in public sector organisations in Scotland. March

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Submission on children and young people who are human rights defenders, for the UN Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights defenders, Mary Lawlor.

The Commissioner has a statutory duty to consult with children and young people and involve them in our work. We have the privilege to support and facilitate work with so many inspiring children and young people, in their role as child human rights defenders (CHRDs). We recognise and celebrate the role of CHRDs. We acknowledge that their role is about more than attending activist events or protests, being a CHRD involves a whole range of activities such as, sharing information, promoting online petitions, or being involved in discussion groups. Across Scotland, we see many young people engage in these activities. They advocate for the realisation of human rights for themselves, their peers, and others as human rights defenders on a local, national and international scale.

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Response to Scottish Government consultation on the provisions of the Education Bill.

The office of the Children and Young People’s Commissioner Scotland has been working with young people for some time to understand their views and concerns surrounding exams and qualifications, and their broader education experience. It is clear there needs to be a deeper culture change across the entire education system. The creation of new national agencies must be the catalyst for system change, far more than rebranding, they must deliver enhanced support and rights-based leadership if they are to improve outcomes for children and young people. To improve upon the existing system, ongoing views of young people must be more meaningfully incorporated, to shape a system which is more responsive to their changing needs.

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Response to Scottish Government Consultation on ‘Tackling the Nature Emergency – Strategic Framework for Biodiversity’.

Children and young people in Scotland have been voicing their concerns on environmental matters for a long time – they are clear that these issues need to be addressed urgently. In the preparation of our response to the proposed Biodiversity Strategy we consulted with a group of our Young Advisors, they were overwhelmingly in support of this policy development. It is clear to children and young people that challenges facing biodiversity loss are as important as the challenge of combatting climate change.

Response to Physical Intervention in Schools Draft Guidance

October 2022 We responded to the Scottish Government’s consultation on their draft guidance on physical intervention in schools. Introduction and approach to responding to the consultation We welcome the Scottish

Statutory School Uniform Consultation

October 2022. We responded to a Scottish Government consultation on the introduction of national, statutory guidance on school uniforms. We welcome the proposal for statutory guidance on school uniform in

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