Anti-Fraud Policy

Anti-Fraud Policy

A copy of our Anti-Fraud Policy

The Cover of our Scheme of Delegation

Scheme of Delegation

February 2020

Scheme of Delegation for the Commissioner and their office, setting out which staff have the authority to make particular decisions.

Cover for resources linked to our BSL Plan.

Our BSL plan promises

October 2018

Promises made in our BSL plan.

A cover for our complaints policy.

Complaints policy

April 2004

Details of how to make a complaint about the Commissioner or a member of their team.

Cover of our equality report.

Equality Report 2017

April 2017

This report tracks our previous equality outcomes and sets equality outcomes for 2017-2021.

Cover for our procurement policy.

Procurement policy

May 2021.

The Commissioner’s procurement policy, including information around the payment of suppliers and contract performance management.

Cover for the Commissioner's Financial Memorandum.

Financial Memorandum

May 2003

Shows the way the Commissioner as Accountable Officer and the SPCB must work together to make sure there is enough money for the Commissioner to do his job.

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