What needs to change around mental health in Scotland? Young people bring their views to Barcelona

Holly and Fergus – two young people who’ve been working with us recently – are on their way to Barcelona to deliver recommendations about mental health to their peers across Europe.

They’ve been working with other young people as part of Scotland’s contribution to this year’s  European Network of Young Advisers (ENYA). Each year, ENYA allows young people to discuss an issue in a meaningful and effective way.

It’s then discussed at the annual conference of  the European Network of Ombudspersons for Children , an alliance of independent institutions that support and promote children’s rights.

Scotland’s recommendations

A group of young people worked with us to come up with two recommendations about improving mental health in Scotland. They are:

Recommendation 1

Education is important for everyone to combat the stigma of mental health. People need to be trained to recognise the signs and respond in the right way with the necessary support.

Recommendation 2

National Standards for mental health in Scotland for the support and education of children and young people in places where they learn. They should always be informed of their mental health care rights.

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