We’ll celebrate rights telling 7-word stories

The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) is turning 30 this November.

It contains human rights that every child and young person has, both in Scotland and beyond. They’re rights that help keep them safe and happy— like the right to have enough of the right kind of food, or to play, relax and have fun.

To celebrate we want everyone to talk about why children’s rights matter, in a way that means people of all ages can take part. So we’re asking you to send us 7 word stories about the human rights of children and young people.

Stories like this:

Tweet with the 7-word story 'Three things she wanted. Education. Equality. Freedom.

Or this:

Picture saying 'I only have wrongs, not rights. You?'

Or this.

Child's writing saying 'Football is fun. More football is funner.'

 You can find a simple version of the UNCRC here, and  the full version of the UNCRC here.

If you work with children or young people you might find asking them to write a 7-word story is a good way to help them think about how human rights matter in their own lives. And if you’re writing one yourself, you may find it helps you think about the rights contained within the Convention in a way that you hadn’t before.

Send us your stories

You can send us your 7-word-stories in lots of ways:

You can also post them to us at:

Children and Young People’s Commissioner Scotland
Bridgeside House
99 McDonald Road

We’ll share stories up to the UNCRC’s anniversary on November 20 and beyond to start a conversation about children and young people claiming their rights for themselves.

And we’d like you to share your #7wordstories between 12 and 20 November— the week leading up to the 30th anniversary of the UNCRC.

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