Welcome to our office: Gina Wilson, Head of Strategy

An image of Head of Strategy Gina Wilson with the quote "Opportunities for meaningful change will be pursued by fierce champions for children and young people's rights. I'm proud to be one of those champions."

We’re delighted that Gina Wilson will be joining us in July as our new Head of Strategy. 

Gina joins from Scotland’s college sector, where she’s currently Head of Innovation and Partnerships for the College Development Network (CDN), a national skills development agency. She brings over 15 years of experience working on children’s rights issues, particularly in education, justice and youth work.  

Gina’s experience 

Before working at CDN, Gina worked for the think tank Carnegie UK Trust and the national youth work agency YouthLink Scotland, leading: 

  • national initiatives such as #NotWithoutMe aimed at improving digital inclusion, and  

Gina has served on expert panels and advisory groups and worked with international partners on policy and programme delivery. As well as this, she is: 

  • an experienced Children’s Panel Member,  
  • a former Independent Prison Monitor, and  

Gina said: 

“I’m thrilled to join the Commissioner’s talented team. It will be a privilege to work with our Young Advisers and other children and young people across the country to promote and protect children’s human rights.  

The current global pandemic will create long-term changes in the way we live our lives.  

Children and young people’s human rights must be at the heart of reimagining systems that protect their best interests.  

Opportunities for meaningful change will be pursued by fierce champions for children and young people’s rights.  

I’m proud to be one of those champions.”  

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