“We owe it to children not only listen, but to act”— Commissioner welcomes conclusions of Independent Care Review

Commissioner Bruce Adamson says Scotland must act on what care experienced children have told us after  the Independent Care Review published its conclusions on Scotland’s systems of care.

The report by the Independent Care Review reveals a system where children and young people’s voices and experiences aren’t valued enough, which is bureaucratic and frequently not joined up.

It highlights over 80 specific changes that must be made to transform how Scotland cares for children and families as well as the unpaid and paid workforce, and makes four specific demands:

  • That listening to children and young people is always the basis of all decisions made about their lives,
  • That there must be a focus on building and maintaining life-long relationships,
  • That there should be no difference between the lives of children in care and their peers,
  • That families must be kept together whenever it’s safe to do so.

Children and young people’s rights at its heart

Commissioner Bruce Adamson was involved in the Independent Care Review, as co-chair of the workgroup who made sure the rights of care experienced children and young people are known to them, respected and upheld.

The Commissioner said:

“Having been part of the Care Review, it’s clear to me that children and young people’s rights are firmly at its heart and I want to congratulate everyone involved in its journey.”

“We owe it to the children and young people who have shared their experiences to not only listen, but to act. Today’s report must bring about change for care experienced children and young people.”

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