UK Government’s mini-budget fails to immediately help children and families in poverty

The Children’s Commissioners for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland respond to today’s UK Government mini-budget.

“Today in the UK, 3.9 million children are living in poverty.

“This winter many of them will go to bed wearing hats and coats and will not know if they will be having breakfast in the morning. These 3.9 million children and their families need assistance immediately. Today’s announcements lay out a range of changes, some of which will benefit families but from next Spring. We have seen little that will assist the poorest children and their families today and through the winter months.

“It is government’s responsibility to safeguard children’s human rights; changes they must make include increasing the Universal Credit rate to reflect the reality of the cost-of-living crisis; scrapping the benefits cap, and removing the two-child limit on receiving payments which continues to be a breach of children’s human rights, punishing those most in need.”

Bruce Adamson
Children and Young People’s Commissioner Scotland

Rocio Cifuentes
Comisiynydd Plant Cymru/Children’s Commissioner for Wales

Koulla Yiasouma
NI Commissioner for Children and Young People

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