Statement: UK Compliance with UN Convention Against Torture

Writing for The Sunday Post, Head of Advice and Investigations Nick Hobbs said:

“No child should be detained except as a measure of last resort, and children should never be detained with adults. Article 37 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child states that children who are deprived of their liberty must be treated with humanity and respect for their rights and dignity.

The UN Committee is scrutinising the UK’s compliance with the Convention Against Torture, which includes the treatment of children subject to detention. The Scottish Government has a duty to make sure that sufficient alternative provision is available in Scotland so that children under 18 are not detained in prisons, other adult provision, or young offender institutions. Where children do need to be detained, it should be for the shortest possible time and in an age-appropriate facility capable of protecting their physical and mental integrity and wellbeing.” 

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