Statement: The Scottish Government and the SQA must respond to young people urgently  

Bruce Adamson, Children and Young People’s Commissioner:

“We are hugely concerned to see the revision support materials from the SQA fails to meet the needs and expectations of young people and the teaching staff who support them. After years of educational disruption, young people need significant extra support. Scottish Government and the SQA must take their views seriously and respond urgently.  

Young people have had their right to education severely limited over several years and they should be given robust guidance to help them prepare for their exams. Revision guidance should be targeted, detailed and build confidence. Exam results can expand or limit a young person’s opportunities to work and to access further and higher education choices.  

The SQA and the Scottish Government need to deliver on their obligations to provide an education that develops young people to their fullest.  This includes mitigating the impacts of educational disruption by publishing clear, comprehensive revision materials that are useful to young people who have lost a significant part of their learning due to COVID-19.” 

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