Statement: Young people describe alternative assessment pressure

In a statement to The National, Commissioner Bruce Adamson said:

“I’m hugely concerned to hear from young people currently sitting  assessments describing the pressure and anxiety they feel after a year of disruption to their education due to the Covid-19 pandemic. All children have the right to an education that allows them to develop to their fullest potential and extra support must be in place in schools to help young people navigate this time without any further impact to their mental health after an extraordinarily tough year.

“Young people are confused about the evidence that is being collected while teachers and schools are facing an enormous challenge to support them and they need more resources to do so. Exam study leave has not been made available and attendance at other classes on the same day as completing assessments appears to be common.   

“Where necessary, we believe that the SQA’s Alternative Assessment Model needs to take into account an individual’s exceptional circumstances and we will continue to raise our concerns around this matter.

“As we come out of this pandemic we cannot forget that young people have already been through so much, we should be as flexible and accommodating as possible to ensure they can realise not only their rights to education but to physical and mental health.

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