Speaking out on climate: Do you think your rights are protected?

A hand holding a globe with the blue sky in the background. Caption reads: "If you're under 18, we want to know if you feel your rights are respected when you speak out about climate change."

We know that climate change is a threat to children’s human rights and that tackling it is a priority for children and young people in Scotland.

We also know that children and young people have made incredible strides as human rights defenders, by holding governments to account:

  • through taking part in marches,
  • through taking part in school strikes,
  • through taking part in online activism, and
  • through taking action in court.

Children have the right to exercise their freedom of speech and the right to freedom of assembly. But some adults still criticise them for their activism.

That makes us worried you might not feel your rights are protected when you take part in climate activism, whether that’s online or offline.

Why we want to hear from you

If you’re under 18 and you’ve taken part in climate justice activism, then we want to hear from you. We’re looking to talk to six people about the experiences you’ve had.

We want to find out if you feel like your human rights are protected when you take part in these actions, and if you feel like they would benefit from better protection.

This will help us examine the protections that already exist in Scotland, and to better understand where there are gaps in them.

It’s a part of broader work we’re doing on climate justice, ahead of COP-26 in Glasgow later this year.

Tell us you’re interested

You can tell us you’re interested by filling in the form below. We’ll then get back to you in two weeks to talk about your experiences.

Say that you’re interested

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