Our Plan 2024-28 is launched today – and it has children and young people at its heart 

Our Plan 2024-28

Front cover of the strategic plan, depicting a cartoon heart, a megaphone, a thumbs up symbol.

Today we’re introducing our plan for the next four years and it has been built around children and young people’s views. 

Since World Children’s Day (20 November) last year, children and young people have told us what they want us to work on, how they want us to work, and how they want their Commissioner to be. 

We have listened to young people whose voices aren’t always heard, and we’ve travelled across Scotland to speak to children. 

We’ve also met groups of children online, and more than 7,000 joined us for our online assemblies. And more than 5,000 children responded to our survey asking for their opinions. 

Children and young people have spoken to us, and we have listened. They told us that the main issues they want us to focus on are: 

  • education 
  • poverty 
  • mental health 
  • discrimination 
  • climate change 

They also said that they want to be involved in making decisions that affect their lives. 

Some of the ways we will do this include: 

  • involving children and young people in our work  
  • carrying out research with children to make sure decision-makers know how they are experiencing their rights 
  • using our legal powers when it is the best way to challenge when rights are not respected 
  • making sure that laws and rules are fair for children and young people 
  • creating resources to promote children’s rights 

They also told us what skills and qualities that they want their Commissioner to have: knowledgeable about children’s rights, amazing at listening, kind, and to be a good leader. 

Commissioner Nicola said: “We’ve had an incredibly busy few months listening to children tell us what they want us to work on and their views came through loud and clear. Their most important priorities are poverty, education, and mental health, and climate change and discrimination are also important issues for us. Threading through this was that they often aren’t involved in all decisions that affect their lives, and they have a right to be.

“Our new plan has been built around children and young people’s views. It lays out my commitment and duties to protect and promote children’s rights and to hold to account those responsible for delivering on them.“

“I’m excited get to work on these priorities, with children and young people guiding our work every step of the way.” 

Find out more about our plan in our report, video, PowerPoint presentation, and Easy Read version.

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