Our BSL Plan is launched today – to protect and promote the rights of young BSL users 

Commissioner launches new plan

The front cover of the BSL plan displays the title of the plan, the Commissioners logo and a red heart on a blue background.

Today we’re introducing Our British Sign Language (BSL) Plan for the next six years. 

The plan sets out how we will promote and protect the rights of young BSL users, how we will involve them in our work, and how we will promote the use of BSL to improve access to information and services for BSL users.  

Deaf young people, including BSL users, are at the heart of this plan. We engaged with Deaf children and young people to develop it, and our Strategic Plan 2024-28.  

Children and Young People’s Commissioner Scotland Nicola Killean said: “BSL is the primary language for many children and young people in Scotland and it is crucial that they are supported to access the language of their choice at any age. Our new plan outlines how we will continue to work with young BSL users to make sure their rights are realised.  

“As part of our work on this plan, we teamed up with Solar Bear, Scotland’s Deaf Youth Theatre. Solar Bear delivered creative workshops – for Deaf children and young people, myself, and members of my team – to explore the group’s views and experiences of rights.   

“Their insights were invaluable – they talked about their experiences of discrimination, particularly within education. I’d like to thank every child and young person who took the time to work with me. I’d also like to thank the National Deaf Children’s Society, British Deaf Association Scotland, and Solar Bear for their support.” 

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) sets out the rights engaged around support for children to access their primary or preferred language, including BSL. 

Commissioner Nicola added: “Our BSL Plan is for six years which is a long time in any child’s life. We recognise this and have committed to reviewing our plan, making changes if necessary. Young BSL users will be crucial in guiding us, and we are excited to continue engaging with them to promote and protect their rights.” 

Find out more in our BSL video, or download the plan in English. 

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