Statement: Human Rights Concerns around Unsuitable Mother-Baby Unit Accommodation

In a statement, Children and Young People’s Commissioner Bruce Adamson said: 

“We are concerned by what we have heard about the unsuitability of the accommodation for children living at a mother and baby unit in Glasgow. Children and their families should be kept safe from harm, have physical and mental health needs met, be shown respect for their to private and family life and have access to leisure, play and freedom of association.  

In line with my duty to protect and safeguard the rights of children I have advised the Mears Group to urgently review the suitability of this accommodation for children, and to take whatever action is necessary to ensure that they are provided with a safe and supportive environment in which their human rights and dignity are respected. We intend to meet with the children and their mothers as soon as possible to hear directly from them and to assess the standards and suitability of the accommodation first-hand.” 

Letter to Mears Group

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