Three significant steps for children’s rights in the Children (Scotland) Bill

An image of three children smiling and looking confident inside a speech bubble, illustrating the right to a say and a view.

The Children (Scotland) Bill will be in front of the Scottish Parliament for the final time on Tuesday 25 August.

Ahead of incorporation of the UNCRC into Scots law, the Bill takes significant steps towards realising children’s rights in areas including:

  • The right to a say,
  • Sibling contact,
  • Keeping safe.

Our policy work around the Bill

The right to a say

An image of children inside a speech bubble which illustrates the right to a say.

The Children (Scotland) Bill will create a presumption that all children are able to give their views when courts make decisions about their lives.

It’s a step towards making our courts comply with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Sibling contact

An image of two children in front of a stylised image of two people happy to meet each other, which represents sibling contact.

Care experienced children will get support to keep in contact with their brothers and sisters once the Children (Scotland) Act becomes Scots law― fulfilling their human right to sibling contact.

Keeping safe

An image of a boy in front of a stylised image of a shield, representing keeping safe.

The Children (Scotland) Bill includes important measures to keep children safe, when they have contact with a parent in a contact centre.

Our MSP Briefing

Our MSP Briefing for Stage 3 debate of the Children (Scotland) Bill contains detailed information around our stance on the issues it contains.

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