Bullying is a violation of children’s rights

Recent research by University of Glasgow shows the impact of bullying on young people.

Responding to the findings, Nicola Killean, Children and Young People’s Commissioner Scotland, said:

“Being bullied is a distressing experience for any child, but it is also a violation of their human rights.  

“A child who is bullied can lose their dignity, self-worth, and identity. Bullying affects how a child can access other rights, such as their rights to education, to play, and to socialise. If a child is being bullied, they may avoid school or certain classes or stop taking part in activities.  

“It can severely impact their right to health, particularly mental health, and can have longer-term impacts, as the University of Glasgow’s research shows. Bullying can lead to fear, anxiety and shame. In the very worst cases, it can even affect a child’s right to life. 

“Children and young people must be involved in discussions about bullying, and are fundamental when it comes to finding safe solutions. Adults need to listen to their views and opinions and allow them to meaningfully participate in rights-based anti-bullying work.” 

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