Long description: Poverty rates for groups in the Welsh population

A line graph of poverty rates for five different groups in the Welsh population: Families with 3 or more children, families with children under 5, all children, working-age adults, and pensioners. The graph tracks percentage poverty rates across five different three-year periods: from the 2013/2014 to 2015/16 period to the 2017/18 to 2019/20 period.

The graph shows the poverty rates of four of the five groups remain relatively static across the periods observed. Families with children under 5 show around a 33% poverty rate, all children show around a 29% poverty rate, working-age adults around a 23% rate, and pensioners around an 18% rate.

However, families with 3+ children show an increase over the observed series. In the period starting in 2013/14 the group shows around a 31% poverty rate, before a drop to around 28% in the period starting 2014/15. There is then a clear increase to around 39% in the period starting 2015/16, a further increase to around 44% in the period starting 2016/17, and another increase to around 46% in the period starting 2017/18.

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