Senior Management Team Minutes: 19 August 2020

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Nick Hobbs (NH) – Head of Advice & Investigations
Gina Wilson (GW) – Head of Strategy


Nicola Vallance-Ross (NVR) – Head of Corporate Services
Ezmie McCutcheon (EM) – Head of Communications


Nicola Harris (NHa) – Finance & Administration Assistant


Nick Hobbs (NH) – Head of Advice & Investigations

Meeting record


Start: 09:30

1: Welcome and apologies

(Action required from NH)

Welcome everyone, apologies from:
Nicola Vallance-Ross (NVR) – Head of Corporate Services
Ezmie McCutcheon (EM) – Head of Communications

Meeting monitor: GW

2: Minutes of previous meeting SMT and Governance actions

2.1 The minutes for June’s SMT Meeting were approved at extraordinary SMT meeting (held on the 23rd July 2020.)

2.2 The SMT and Governance Action Logs were reviewed and updated.

3. Finance

Finance update

Finance officer provided Word and Excel update.

Under budget, as expected due to ongoing Covid situation.

Salary costs are down due to unfilled roles.

Have spent a little bit on the CRIA report.

Advice and Investigations have also spent on translation.

Audit is delayed.

Finance update approved.

Incorporation – budget re: litigation

The Commissioner and Head of Advice & Investigations have held discussions around the Incorporation Bill. As part of the bill, there is a possibility that CYPCS may have the power to take legal action in our own name. Have advised SPCB that we are not expecting additional funding for legal cases the office will take on, however, we would reserve the right for contingency funding in the event of a significant case. We expect to meet most costs with our current legal budget.

4. Governance

4.1 Risk Register and Risk Management Policy

Head of Corporate services has provided Risk Management policy for further comments.

NH & GW to provide further comment and return to NVR by 28th August.

(Action required from NH/GW)

5. Office Policies/approval

None from SMT, no action.

6. Covid-19 Update

Reflection on Business Continuity

No actions to carry forward.

7. Health & Safety

GW noted a walkthrough of the office is taking place next week to address returning. Anticipating H&S issues after this.

NH would like to check with CYPCS teams for any additional support needed for home working (equipment etc).

SMT to check with their staff, after walk through, for any equipment which may be needed for home working.

(Action required from SMT.)

8. Future Agenda Planning

No additional items.

9. Meeting Monitor Report

Shorter meeting than planned which was very focused and operational. 

It was acknowledged how much of this is sitting with Head of Corporate Services, we need to think about the balance of responsibility for future meetings.

10 SMT (private)

Register of Interests discussed reputational risks and financial benefits found to be satisfactory and no action required.

Additional information

Date of next meeting: 15th September 2020
Chair: NVR
Minute Approved By: SMT
Date Approved: 15.09.20

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