Your rights in law

A stylised sun rises out of a blue semicircle with the Scottish flag upon it.

“Incorporate rights,” they said. “When?” I said.


In 2021, Scotland is doing the most important thing it can for your human rights. In Spring next year, it will make the UNCRC part of our Scots law— a process which is called incorporation.

It’s amazing that incorporation is finally happening. It’s something children, young people and adults have fought for over 30 years. And since our office was created, it’s been the thing we’ve always worked for.

But we wanted to make sure it was done in the best way possible. We told the Scottish Government incorporation should be full and direct:

Full incorporation means that the whole UNCRC should be in Scots law.

Direct incorporation means that the legal text of the UNCRC isn’t changed when it’s written into Scots law.

And on 20 November 2019 – the day of the UNCRC’s 30th anniversary – the Scottish Government confirmed that it would be.

It’s a huge step towards creating a culture of children’s human rights in Scotland.

And it means adults must take your rights more seriously in the future.

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