A new voice online

Abstract illustration of our website's front page, showing an outline of a young person and the roaring lion in the background.

I sometimes make stuff with my imagination!


One of the ways our office raises awareness of your human rights is through creating information online. As part of this, over the last year we redeveloped our website, so it would be more accessible and informative for children, young people and adults.

We involved children and young people at all stages of this redevelopment. You told us what should be on our new website, how it should be structured, and what it should look like.

We used everything different groups of children and young people told us to shape the tendering process to find a developer for our new website, and involved one of our young advisers in the interviews.

We also got feedback throughout the development process from our young advisers and we worked closely with children from St Andrew’s Fox Covert RC Primary School.

Our new website launched in March 2020 just as lockdown was beginning. It’s been an important part of keeping people fully informed about children’s rights issues throughout a difficult and challenging year.

We’re very grateful to the children and young people who worked with us to help it be the kind of resource which they wanted to see.

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