Involving you

Stylised illustration of smiling people with a speech bubble above them.

We all have voices. Listen to them.


Working directly with children and young people is essential to our work. It’s your right to be heard, and your voices help us. Listening to what you say means your views, experiences and ideas can inform everything we do.

We have a group of young advisers who help us to understand what matters most to children and young people and how we can best engage with you.

They helped us plan our work for the next four years and helped to plan and run our annual Human Rights Gathering. This Gathering brings together young people from all across Scotland to tell us what life is really like and this informs and influences what and how we do.

And along with primary school pupils they gave us a lot of feedback on our new website at every stage of its creation.

But every child and young person who contacts us shapes our work.

By talking to us, you help our Strategy team understand the positions we should take on the issues that matter.

You help us understand how to get better at working and communicating with you.

And you help us know the issues we should investigate, and what our priorities should be.

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