Developing our vision

Lines leading to an X-Marks-The_Spot, as if on a map.

I have ideas, so please listen up!


Over the last year we’ve had the chance to reflect on what our office does and who we stand for, as well as how we communicate the work we do for you.

That chance for reflection involved a lot of work with our young advisers, who helped us create and launch our new strategic plan for the next four years.

Creating the new plan involved working with a lot of other groups of children and young people, too, at several different workshops and events including our annual Young People’s Human Rights Gathering.

We made sure we heard from children and young people across all age groups, from different backgrounds and with different life experiences.

You told us promoting your rights is the most important thing the Commissioner can do.

That you want us to listen and engage with you, and to use the law to protect your rights.

And that you wanted us to focus on poverty, mental health and climate justice.

As a result, these views are all now part of our Strategic Plan.

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