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Children's fingers pointing towards our Gaelic UNCRC Symbols poster on the ground

If you’re a primary school teacher looking for resources on children’s human rights, we’ve produced a lot of them― some that can help you teach about the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) itself, and some about what’s happening to make the rights in the Convention a reality for children and young people in Scotland.

Who the Commissioner is and how he can help you

This webpage explains who the Commissioner is and how he works to explain and stand up for children’s rights.

UNCRC resources

Simplified UNCRC Articles

We’ve also produced additional webpages especially for children to help them understand two important parts of the UNCRC: that their voices must be heard and that adults must remember that children’s needs matter.

Find out about the UNCRC

Symbols resources

Symbols resources in Scots Gaelic

Our symbols cards and poster explain the first 42 Articles of the UNCRC in pictures and simple language. They’re designed to be used as a communication tool for children and young people who:

  • are non-verbal,
  • have speech and language difficulties, or
  • have additional support needs.

They can also be used to help communicate ideas about rights to very young children.

UNCRC Articles in different languages


Answering children’s questions

We know that when children learn about their rights they often have a lot of questions, and the answers to them aren’t always easy to find.

We’ve created an FAQ full of questions we’ve been asked that are hard to find simple answers to. If you’re asked a question and can’t see it answered here, you can contact us and we’ll do our best to answer it.

Every year, we also produce an annual report for children and young people to explain what we’ve been doing. Our report for 2020/21 will be ready soon, and you can read our report for 2019/20 now.

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