Anyone who was looked after on or after their 16th birthday can access Aftercare services. Aftercare is for everyone, including if you have been looked after at home.

Aftercare means getting advice, guidance and assistance.

You should expect this guidance and support from your council until your 19th birthday.

You have the right to request that Aftercare support continues up to your 26th birthday if you need it.

If you were receiving Aftercare support that ended and you think you need it again, you also have the right to request it up until your 26th birthday.

Your council may continue to provide support when you are over 26 if they think you need it, but they don't legally have to.

Info sheets

We've produced info sheets that explain the parts of the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act that are most relevant to care experienced young people.

Access the info sheets.


We worked with Who Cares? Scotland to produce a flowchart that explains if you have the right to Continuing Care or Aftercare.

Download the flowchart.


Who Cares? Scotland worked with care experienced young person Darren to produce this video explaining your right to Aftercare.

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Rights to Care