Your Rights to Care

We've worked with Who Cares? Scotland to jointly produce resources to help young people in care, care leavers and the adults who support them.

They can help you understand more about the parts of the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act that affect looked after children and care leavers.

You may hear about your rights to Continuing Care and Aftercare, and it's important you know about these rights so you get all the help you want and need.

Our resources include:

Remember to ask for support and advice when making decisions as once you leave care, you have no right to return.

An infographic that reads: If you are care experienced, you have the right to stay with your carers until your 21st birthday if you're in residential, foster or kinship care. This is called Continuing Care. If you are care experienced, you have the right to recieve support until your 26th birthday. This is called Aftercare.


Who Cares? Scotland worked with care experienced young people to produce videos that explain your right to care.

Helen explains Continuing Care

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Darren explains Aftercare

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Your council's responsibilities

Your council is a corporate parent, and they should do all they can to look after, encourage and support you. They have a responsibility to promote your wellbeing, and that includes:

  • keeping you safe and healthy, and
  • helping you access opportunities and support, such as housing and education.

The care and support your council provides doesn't end when you leave care.

Leaving care

It's important to get help and advice before you decide to leave care, as once you leave you can't change your mind and return. You should start to look at your options well before you're 16, and you should be helped to plan for your future whether you stay in care or not.

Talking it over

When you're planning for your future, it's also good to talk to someone who can give you independent advice. Who Cares? Scotland is an organisation that can help you find advice like this.

Find out how to contact Who Cares? Scotland.

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