UNCRC booklet

The cover of the booklet explaining the first 42 articles of the UNCRC in simple language.

The Scottish Government has produced a free booklet explaining the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child to children and young people. The booklet:

  • explains what rights are and why they matter,
  • summarises the rights set out in the Convention, and
  • provides contact details for a number of organisations in Scotland that can help children and young people realise their rights.

We created the booklet in partnership with the Scottish Government.

Download the leaflet from the Scottish Government's site.

Giving us feedback

Creating resources is one way in which we raise awareness of children’s human rights, and we want to make sure that what we produce is useful and meaningful.

We’d really welcome your feedback on the resources you’ve received and any information about how you are using them.

Contact our Comms Manager Ezmie with your feedback.