UNCRC pocketbook and poster

An image of our UNCRC pocketbook.

Our office has produced printed materials containing the full text of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. They include:

  • a glossy A6 pocketbook, and
  • an A4 booklet that folds out into an A1 poster.

You can contact us to order these materials. They're free, and we'll send them for free to anywhere in Scotland.

Contact us to order the materials.

The words matter

We know that making the Convention meaningful is about much more than the words contained within it, but the words do matter.

They are the legal commitment – the promises – that the Government has made to children and young people.

We believe it is important for young people to see what has been promised to them.

The full text of the Convention is a powerful advocacy tool for those of us working with – and for – children and young people, and can be used to hold those in power to account for the promises they have made.

Printed materials

UNCRC Pocketbook

An A6 glossy pocketbook containing the full text of the UNCRC, a full list of general comments on the UNCRC and a partial list of other international instruments of relevance to the human rights of children and young people.

UNCRC Poster

An A4 booklet that folds out into an A1 poster containing the full text of the UNCRC.

Access them online

Download a PDF of the pocketbook.

Download a PDF of the poster.