A child and their family circled within a house.

UNCRC Article 9

I have a right to live with my family if they can keep me safe

Governments should only separate children from their parents if it is
the best thing for them.

Governments should make sure children can have contact with their parents if they don’t live with them.

In discussions around separation, children should be given a chance for their views to be taken into account when decisions are made.

A child or young person may be separated from a parent in a way that respects Article 9 if:

  • that parent isn’t able to take care of them,
  • that parent is acting in a way that’s not in that child or young person’s best interests, or
  • that parent is unable to keep that child safe and happy.

Knowing both parents

Children and young people have the right to keep in contact with their parents. If the State is responsible for them being separated from a parent – as would be the case if that parent were in prison or deported – then it should be able to tell them where that parent is.

Children and young people who have lost contact with their parents should be able to be reunited with their families if they wish.

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