Someone pointing to their name tag with a passport and a UK flag behind them.

UNCRC Article 7

I have a right to a name and to belong to a country

Governments should make sure I have a legally registered name and a nationality.

Children have the right to know who their parents are.

Knowing your parents

Article 7 recognises that not all children and young people can know who their parents are, as:

  • it may be impossible to identify who a parent is
  • a child’s mother may have refused to identify who their father is

Being cared for by your parents

Article 7 of the UNCRC is intended to be read alongside Article 5, which talks in more detail about how parents, guardians or family should care for a child or young person. Like Article 5 , it accepts that there are some cases where children and young people should not be cared for by their parents.

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