A red line crossed through an adult telling a child to work.

UNCRC Article 36

I have the right not to be used by adults in ways that harm me

Governments should protect children from work or other activities that could harm their welfare.

Article 36 of the UNCRC covers any form of exploitation other articles don’t. It makes clear that children and young people should not be exploited for any reason.

Forms of exploitation covered by Article 36 include, but are not limited to, a child or young person being:

  • taken advantage of because of being smart
  • used in crimes
  • used in politics in a way they are unhappy with
  • used in the media in a way they are unhappy with.

Days of General Discussion

The UN Committee on the Rights of the Child facilitates Days of General Discussion where experts from around the world can discuss a child rights issue in detail. The reports of their discussions are a helpful tool to understand how the UNCRC should be interpreted.

1993’s Day of General Discussion on economic exploitation is relevant to Article 36.

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