Clothes, a plate of food and a house.

UNCRC Article 27

I have the right to have a proper home, food and clothing

Governments should make sure families have access to good housing, healthy food and warm clothing.

Article 27 of the UNCRC says that children and young people should be able to live in a way that helps them reach their full physical, mental, spiritual, moral and social potential.

For this to happen, they should have access to adequate food and housing. Good nourishment and nutrition are essential for children and young people to reach their full potential, while safe and well-maintained housing is necessary to ensuring their development. 

Parents or guardians have the main responsibility for making sure their child or young person reaches their full potential. Where their help is not enough, however, children and young people have the right to government assistance such as child maintenance.


Shelter Scotland provide housing advice and information, including advice specifically for young people.

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