Gallery of rights

Our gallery features artwork from children and young people throughout Scotland.

It exists so you have a chance to send us art about what matters to you.

Everyone under 18 in Scotland can send their pictures to the gallery. If you’re between 18 and 20, you can send in your pictures if you’ve ever been looked after or in care.

You can send your pictures in by emailing us. We'll then add them to the gallery below.

Being inspired

If you’d like some inspiration for your picture, you can look at our illustrations of your rights here. You can also find out more about all your rights on our site.

Using your picture

When you send us a picture, let us know if you're happy for us to use them in our communications. This would mean:

  • we might use your picture in things we print, like reports, leaflets and canvas banners, and
  • we might use your picture on our website, e-newsletter and social media.

We won't put your picture anywhere other than the gallery unless you tell us we can.


You can expand any of the pictures below by clicking on them.