baby blether

A cartoon of an adult monkey taking a photo of their child's play area.

Our baby blether campaign asks people to capture how the world looks through their baby’s eyes. Through doing this, we hope they’re reminded that all babies have their own view of the world— and that, like everyone else, they all have human rights.

Snap a photo

Here's how to capture your baby's view of the world.

Go to where they are right now – wherever that might be – and take along anything you can use to take a photo. Try and get down to their eye level, and to focus on what they're focusing on. The world can look quite different, once you're there.

When you're in position, take a photo of what your baby sees. You can then upload your picture to our baby blether microsite, where it will join a gallery of the views of babies from all over Scotland.

Visit the baby blether site and upload your photo.

Learn more about babies’ rights.

Prize draw: Win our monkeys

A box full of toy monkeys ready to be given away.

A photo of a box full of toy monkeys ready to be given away.

We're giving away ten pairs of toy monkeys to the adults and babies who take part in our campaign.

Just give us your email address when you submit your baby's-eye view to be entered into our prize draw, and we'll give ten lucky winners an adult and child toy monkey after our prize draw closes on Wednesday 31 May. We won't use your email addresses for anything other than the prize draw, and we'll delete all the addresses we're sent after the draw takes place.