Babies’ rights: Useful links

Everyone under 18 has the same rights, including babies and very young children. Below are some links providing advice and information that can help you make sure children aged 0-2 have their rights respected.


UNCRC Symbols

Our UNCRC Symbols resource can be used to help teach very young children about their rights.

Unicef UK: the Baby Friendly initiative

The Unicef baby friendly initiative protects, promotes and supports breastfeeding and close, loving parent-infant relationships.

Bookbug Baby Bag

By the time a baby is one year old, their health visitor should have given them their Bookbug Baby Bag. Find out about the bag and what it contains on the Scottish Book Trust website.

Early Years Scotland

Early Years Scotland is a third sector organisation for Scotland's children aged 0 to 5.

Scottish Childminding Association

The national body regulating childminding in Scotland, which has helpful advice around choosing a childminder.

Ready Steady Baby

The NHS Scotland website for pregnancy and caring for a baby in their first year.

Parenting across Scotland: Pregnancy and babies

Advice for parents about pregnancy and bringing up a baby.

Breastfeeding support groups

Support groups around the country for parents who are breastfeeding.